Week 11

Getting towards the end of the project now!

The stairs have been completed, most of the window linings, architrave, skirting & coving have been installed. The bathroom, en-suite & WC have been completely tiled, the utility room just needs the area around the floor trap tiling and then it is complete.

The major news this week is the scaffolding has come down! It has made the house look almost naked! It has also made the house a lot lighter inside and has also increased the size of the garden.

After the scaffolding came down the ESB could get in and install the electricity pole.The electricity connection should be completed next week ready for the electrical 2nd fix. The removal of the scaffolding has also allowed Peter & John to get on with the canopy over the front door.


Finally the painting continues, Denise the painter has been filling all the little dents and marks left by the other lads on site ready for repainting.


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Week 10

Some further milestones this week.

The stove has been fitted! It is a Jydepejsen Zeus model supplied by Lars (www.scanhome.ie) and looks amazing. Can’t wait to get it fired up!

Jydepejsen Stove

We also now have a staircase!! A major development which makes life so much easier getting up & down.

The Stairs!

Denise has progressed with the painting, several upstairs bedrooms completed and most of the rest of the house has now been undercoated.

Karl the tiler started on Thursday and the bathroom is progressing well.

John & Peter completed the roof and they and the rest of the lads have been fitting internal doors, architraves, skirting boards & coving. The flooring has been completed.

Next week the window & door linings will be started and hopefully the scaffolding will come down!

In preparation for this we have painted the external timber, eaves and facia boards with silver pigmented linseed oil. We had painted it previously but felt it needed more silver pigment to match the window frames.


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Week 9

It gets hard to remember what happened in a week when you are writing the post several days later. Must remember to be more prompt!

Flooring going in downstairs, it makes such a difference and it also marks the hiding of the foundation slab we first saw back in August. It is laid as a floating floor, both upstairs and downstairs on the concrete. A plastic vapour barrier is laid down then a foam layer to give a slight cushioning, a bit of flexibility and insulation before the floor planks are laid on top, glued together but not fixed to the floor. This allows the floor to move with changes in temperature and humidity without buckling or creaking.

Flooring in the dining/living room

Painting has started! Even the undercoat  / sealer gives a finished look. Downstairs the last of the plasterboard filling and sanding has been completed so all walls are prepared for painting. Our painter Denise is having to work around the carpenters and the inherent dust so top marks for getting a great finish.

The kitchen - flooring in and ready for painting

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Week 8

Arrived back to see the progress whilst we were away.

The stove flue has been installed, just the roofing tiles to be completed. The facia boards on the road end of the house have been installed and the roof finished at that end with the vent for the soil pipe installed.

Stove Flue

The attic has been filled with insulation.

All ductwork now boxed in and the bathroom now has dividing wall between bath & shower erected.


Flooring has been fitted upstairs, it really feels close to the end now!

Flooring Upstairs

Window linings have been sanded and preparation of the bathroom floors has started

.Window Liners Sanded

All upstairs walls ready for painting, downstairs walls filled but need sanding.

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Week 7

A bit late posting for week 7. We had a break , great to see all of you and sorry we missed those we didn’t.

Plasterboarding finished downstairs and the plasterers have arrived to tape & fill the joints ready for painting. This is a great way of preparing the walls as it gives a perfectly smooth finish without having to skim the whole wall. It’s less messy, quicker and avoids a wet trade in the house.

John & Peter have wheeled out the insulation blower machine to fill the attic with 2 tonnes of loose cellulose insulation (chopped newspaper, treated for fireproofing & rodent resistance).

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Week 6

We need new titles, we think they are becoming predictable!!

Week 6 was a quiet week with John & Peter back in Galway for a couple of days though 2 other lads were still working.

The week finished with all the upstairs rooms & the landing completely insulated and plasterboarded. All the spare plasterboards & insulation were moved downstairs creating loads of space. All that remains is the pile of wooden flooring in bedroom 2.

The ductwork in the bathroom is still exposed so that will need boxing in and the soil vent pipe in the master bedroom need installing & boxing in.

Downstairs the utility room ceiling has been boarded, the study ceiling insulated and all the rest of the walls downstairs are completely insulated.

The other major news was that the solar panels were installed on the roof. Finally a visual indicator of the green eco credentials of this house. We have 40 tubes of the evacuated tube type on the south facing roof.

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End of Week 5

Panic over!

The plastering, although washed away in areas was patched up on Monday and the gable ends had the finishing coat applied. They looked great.

On Tuesday the finishing coat was applied to the North & South walls completing the job. It looks lovely, crisp, white, clean and even. A very polished finish.

The full benefit won’t be seen until the scaffolding is taken down.

Peter & John weren’t on site this week, they were finishing off another job in Galway.

Next week hopefully full steam ahead again.

We also received results from the blower door test.

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End of Week 4

Another week has passed and yet more milestones reached.
Peter & John were on site alone this week, the other lads were not needed. They started to tile the roof and it looks great.

Copper nails securing the blue-black slate effect tiles. It hasn’t been completely finished, the flue & soil vent pipe needs to come through and solar panels need fitting (more on this later!).
The first fix on the plumbing & waste has been completed.

The ventilation ducts have now been completed by Ollie McPhillips, all installed and insulated. Only problem is that the vertical ducts have to pass through the bathroom so we lose a little space and will have to rejig the layout. The bath will be moved towards the shower and we will now have a dividing wall between the bath & shower which does create a nice cubicle for the shower.
The external plastering by SF Plastering has started which will transform the exterior appearance, a base coat has been put on during the warm weather this week (it reached 25.5 deg C in the Phoenix Park, Dublin on Wednesday!)

Problem is that the rain came on Friday afternoon and it is still raining Saturday evening. This has washed out some of the plaster on the north wall which had not had time to set. Hopefully this will dry out Sunday & Monday and won’t cause a problem, fingers crossed.
The really big news was that on Thursday the house underwent a blower door test. Eoin McGann of 2EVA performed the test and achieved 0.6 ach on the first run. Peter & John were not happy with this (although this is the passive standard) and proceeded to inspect the seals for any minor leaks or joins or pipe that had not been completely sealed properly. Once this had been done the test was redone and a reading of 0.5 ach was achieved. The house now exceeds the passive standard. When we get the detail from 2EVA we can post the precise results.
Likely to be little work next week as John & Peter have to complete a job in Galway. If the weather is dry then the plasterer will be back to continue and hopefully finish the external plaster.

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End of Week 3

Another productive week!
Measured the kitchen last weekend and discovered the kitchen window & door appeared to be in the wrong place (it didn’t give enough depth for the kitchen cabinet in the corner). We ordered the kitchen anyway pending site measure.
On Monday checked with  John and yes the window is in the wrong place. No panic, he said they would move it and by Wednesday it was done!
The work continued putting in internal studs, insulating and taping & sealing around doors & windows.

They were also busy pre making the timber window surrounds.
On Thursday Gerry the electrician arrived to do the 1st fix, all socket, switch , light, phone/data & tv points decided on and have now been wired to. The HRV company arrived Thursday to finalise duct layout in conjuction with the builders & the electrician and Joe the kitchen supplier arrived to measure up. A busy day. Oh and the roof tiles arrived.
Friday the Gerry finshes off and the plumber arrives to start the 1st fix. Roof tiles moved up to the top level of scaffolding ready for next week. Ventilation ductwork arrives on site.

Homework for Nellie & Jim, the external facia under the gutters needs oiling & painting and further timbers need oiling & painting prior to fixing next week. Hoping for a dry day on Saturday!

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End of Week 2


We can’t quite believe how quickly it has all been erected and fitted out. The end of the second week has seen all the internal walls studded out (except the dividing wall between the living & dining room). These have been partially plasterboarded.
The external walls have all had the 145mm layer of insulation installed internally, like a lovely warm blanket! The upstairs has had the air tight membrane installed over this insulation, all taped around windows, taped to the ceiling membrane & taped to the intermediate floor membrane. Studwork inside of this has been installed upstairs ready for running of pipework & electric cables as well as installation of yet more insulation!

All this work has used up alot of materials, timber, plasterboard & insulation. This has opened up the downstairs alot and we can now see how the space will look alot better.
The space in the house is lovely and we also have a good sized landing which we envisage using not only for storage but also a nice spot for sitting in the evening catching the late evening sunshine though the north facing window.

We will catch up with posting photos in the next few days.

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