Nellie & Jim’s Building Project

This is the story of Nellie & Jim’s house build.

It is a very long story so we will skip the planning and mortgage applications and start right at the beginning of construction.

See our forthcoming page outlining the groundworks & foundations.

See our posts giving progress updates on the construction.

Flaherty & Goaley Contracts Ltd

The contractors involved:
Groundworks: Rostaff Developments Ltd – James Kearney
Foundations (on behalf of Scan Homes) – Rostaff Developments Ltd
House: Scandinavian Homes Ltd – Lars Petterssen
Includes foundation pour and house erection and materials for fit out.

See Lars’ website: , we are house no 271!

House Erection (on behalf of Scan Homes) – Flaherty & Goaley Ltd – Peter Flaherty & John Goaley

House Fit-Out – Flaherty & Goaley Ltd

Production plans & PHPP calculations – Passive Development Ltd – Peter Lohr



2 Responses to Nellie & Jim’s Building Project

  1. Jeroen Nilis says:

    The construction works look very good. All the best with the progress. Hope to see it soon with my own eyes.


  2. Diarmuid Curtin says:

    Hi Nellie and Jim

    I’m currently writing my thesis on Passive Housing and would welcome the opportunity to meet you to enquire about your experience in constructing and living in a passive home as part of a case study I’m undertaking.

    Perhaps you could mail me if you would be willing to share your insights

    Kind Regards


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