Hugh’s Fish Fight


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  1. phil says:

    think of going down the same road of a passive house

    the question of course is how much ???

    not for the site or planning permission but for the build itself.

    My secound question is will the heat recovery system be enough for our Irish winters

    Regards Phil

    • JIm says:

      Hi Phil

      Regarding the cost, Scandinavian Homes gives prices on their web-site This includes for the pouring of foundations, building & erection of house as well as materials for the fit out. The rest can be as much as you want!! Kitchen. bathroom, landscaping etc.
      The question of the heat recovery being suitable for Irish winters, the answer is yes. A passive house will need max 10W/m2 of space heating. This can be achieved with a variety of means, people in the house, lighting, cooking as well as heating such as underfloor, storage heating etc. We have only a little underfloor, 200W in bathroom, en-suite & utility room. On a freezing cold day we put the wood burning stove on for a little while to keep the house warm. If we had it on all day it would be too hot!
      Although this winter was relatively warm, we did have a stretch of nights going down to -6.5 deg C. The house never got cold.

      Hope this helps, again talk to Lars Petersson at Scanhomes for more advice.


      • Piotr says:

        Hi Jim,

        Regarding the wood burning stove — do you have an external air supply or just draw the air from the room? Do you have to adjust Heat Recovery System when starting/using stove?


        • JIm says:

          Hi. Draw air from the room. No adjustment needed on the heat recovery unit, just open the door or window a crack when lighting the fire until it gets going. Make sure extractor fan is not running when fire is lit or negative pressure will occur and smoke will be drawn out of fire into the room. You can get round this by having a window open near the extractor while it is on.
          The stove is wonderful will post more on it soon.

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