End of Week 4

Another week has passed and yet more milestones reached.
Peter & John were on site alone this week, the other lads were not needed. They started to tile the roof and it looks great.

Copper nails securing the blue-black slate effect tiles. It hasn’t been completely finished, the flue & soil vent pipe needs to come through and solar panels need fitting (more on this later!).
The first fix on the plumbing & waste has been completed.

The ventilation ducts have now been completed by Ollie McPhillips, all installed and insulated. Only problem is that the vertical ducts have to pass through the bathroom so we lose a little space and will have to rejig the layout. The bath will be moved towards the shower and we will now have a dividing wall between the bath & shower which does create a nice cubicle for the shower.
The external plastering by SF Plastering has started which will transform the exterior appearance, a base coat has been put on during the warm weather this week (it reached 25.5 deg C in the Phoenix Park, Dublin on Wednesday!)

Problem is that the rain came on Friday afternoon and it is still raining Saturday evening. This has washed out some of the plaster on the north wall which had not had time to set. Hopefully this will dry out Sunday & Monday and won’t cause a problem, fingers crossed.
The really big news was that on Thursday the house underwent a blower door test. Eoin McGann of 2EVA performed the test and achieved 0.6 ach on the first run. Peter & John were not happy with this (although this is the passive standard) and proceeded to inspect the seals for any minor leaks or joins or pipe that had not been completely sealed properly. Once this had been done the test was redone and a reading of 0.5 ach was achieved. The house now exceeds the passive standard. When we get the detail from 2EVA we can post the precise results.
Likely to be little work next week as John & Peter have to complete a job in Galway. If the weather is dry then the plasterer will be back to continue and hopefully finish the external plaster.

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  1. Paul says:

    Hi Jim, excellent job done on that roof. Looks very nice :)

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