Summer 2012

Well the summer is over and we can report on the operation of our house over the period.

Temperature wise, the house did get up to 26 deg when outside was warm and sun was shining. We do have alot of glazing with no shading system or overhangs. This is due to the fact it is a 2 story house and the design of the house did not include them. The design ties in with local architecture where the roofs do not overhang at all.

The heat recovery system goes into summer bypass mode when the extract air becomes too warm (currently set to over 23 deg) and in this mode it brings in fresh air without any heat recovery.

The other method of keeping the house cool is to open windows & doors, however with an inquisitive little baby in the house we had to keep doors closed alot of the time. For next year we will get door brakes fitted so we can open the door a little without any danger of them swinging open or a little one climbing out.

Further down the line we may put in some shading system, especially over the ground floor windows & doors.

Overall we loved the house during this period, it was always lovely and warm (even when the sum wasn’t shining) and was wonderfully bright.

As a bonus, during the summer the sun swings right round and shines on the North side of the house in the evening. It allows for a lovely sit on the porch or in the hanging chair on the landing.

We just need to get the garden sorted for next year now, a major task!!!

A blank canvas ready to develop. (Maybe just put grass seed down!)

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2 Responses to Summer 2012

  1. Richard Holmes says:

    Hi, we are visiting Eire to look at passiv houses and wondered if it would be possible to meet you? We are over on 25th 26th oct. regards Richard Holmes.

  2. natalie says:

    I’m currently considering buying a modular house package from Scandinavia. May i ask you what was the price for the 1m2 of your project and what was the price for the house building only.

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