Energy Use – May

The leaves are growing on the trees and the sun is sitting higher in the sky so we should no longer overheat. It did reach 22 deg one sunny day recently but very comfortable.

We did also have the stove on last week for one evening because it was quite chilly, but a couple of hours later and the house was lovely and warm!!!

We invested in an energy monitor a couple of months ago. A transmitter fits around the cable into your electric meter and sends power usage information back to the display box inside. This displays current usage, cost, daily & monthly usage as well as having the facility to link to the PC for more detailed analysis. Where this really pays off is to instantly see if anything has been left on such as bathroom lights (which are currently higher wattage bulbs) or the underfloor cables in the bathrooms. It also means you can keep a tab on what your next bill might be like. Our first bills were for €208 & €275 for two months (a high amount but that included running underfloor all day) and the next bill is likely to be around €150 for two months.  This is pretty good considering this includes all our water heating, cooking (we cook alot!), washing (washing machine on every night) as well as lighting and any space heating via the underfloor cables in bathrooms.

We also have a tumble dryer but have not used it as the clothes dry perfectly in the utility room without it. This is the advantage of a heat recovery system. The damp air is constantly being drawn away from the room.


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2 Responses to Energy Use – May

  1. Larissa says:

    Me and my husband is plninang to build a new home in Austin TX and we wanted to be 100 free from electric bill using the sun energy. Anybody who have knowledge about PV, Solar Panel please I need your help. Project Plan: 2500 sqm floor plan 5 bedrooms What type of PV or Solar Panel Cell we need?How much do you think it will cost?Do you know an architect or builder who provide custom planDo you know somebody from Austin is using Solar PanelDo you know local manufacturer that we can contact with?XoXoCookie

  2. How much does it cost to go completely solar? Also how much cash are you going to be preserving every month normally?

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