March 29th – Solar Report

Sorry not been posting recently, but we have been a bit busy and we do not yet have a phone line in the house. Tomorrow that will change hopefully. Eircom expected to put line in (just as they go into examinership!!).

The weather here has been wonderful, up to 19 degrees with full sunshine for the past few days. This has led to the solar panels working well and getting a full tank of hot water (over 60 deg C for the full 400 litres). Immersion has been turned off now and the energy usage of the house has dropped. We have an energy monitor attached to the live feed into the meter. The base load of the house seems to be around 100W which includes for the heat recovery system as well as the fridge freezer and any appliances we have forgotten to turn off! The main users of energy are now the appliances for cooking & washing / dishwasher.

The sunshine has also heated the house up considerably, with no shading from the trees (no leaves yet) and the lower position of the sun, this has increased the solar gain. The temperature gets up to 24 deg inside. Opening the door or closing blinds / curtains helps and the feel of the house is of a hot summer day. As the leaves on the trees grow and the higher angle of the sun reflects more heat away from the glazing this potential overheating should abate. No complaints though, it is Ireland not the South of Spain!

Will fill in the gaps as we go along.

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5 Responses to March 29th – Solar Report

  1. Robert says:

    Would love to see some pics of the completed home. I believe you have the only 2 story Scanhomes house in Ireland, I’m interested in potentially getting one myself also!

    • Franchesko says:

      The only way to get anywhere close to a fair estatmie is to actually call up a solar installer in your area, and get a free quote. The price depends vastly on your energy usage, and your location. Two houses can be neighbors, and one can use 20 times as much electricity.Solar hot water costs $4-6k, after which you may get some rebates or credits.Solar electricity costs $6k and up, after which you may get rebates or credits. A typical system, if there is such a thing, is several times that size, and it is not unheard of to have a system 20 times that large.

  2. Joanna says:


    I’m in a similar situation as Robert above. I would love to know about the true buying and operating cost of the existing Scanhome. It’s an avenue I’m looking down with regard to my boyfriend and I’s new home :)



    • JIm says:


      Are you looking to buy an exisitng Scanhome or are you building one?
      The running costs of our house are extremely low, only electricity bill (other than phone / tv licence / broadband/property tax) which comes in around €120 / month on average. This may be reduced now we have been through another summer. This bill covers heating / lighting / cooking / water heating & other electricity usage.
      The only other fuel we use is wood for the stove which is free (we are still burning the offcuts from the build and we have alot of logs from cut down trees currently drying for burning).

      If you need any more info, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

      Jim & Nellie

    • Denso says:

      Actually, PV panels are iienldcbry cheap right now.The only reason they appear expensive is when compared agaist fossil fuels, like oil, which are already becoming MUCH more expensive, and which will continue to do so for many, many year.Buy PV now, or kick yourself for not doing so later.

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