Week 12

Well we are so close now!

The lads from Flaherty & Goaley are finished now, they completed the woodwork internally and have completed the canopy / entrance ramp outside the front door. They also installed worktop , sinks & cabinets in the utility room. The quality of workmanship has been excellent and we would not hesitate in recommending them. They are off to Sweden to carry out more work for Lars so good luck to them all.

Denise has carried on with the painting in amongst the other workers and she is getting close to completion, next week hopefully!

The kitchen didn’t go in this week as we hoped, another job overran and the van broke down on Friday so no kitchen yet. We collected the wooden worktops from the UK this week together with stored appliances and the remaining appliances were delivered on Thursday so we are ready to go!

The plumber didn’t turn up either, probably hoping to get a good run next week.

The ESB did arrive to connect the pole up to the grid and put in a connection to the meter box. We just await completion by the electrician before the final connection is made. Collected the light fittings this weekend in preparation!

Next week will be busy – kitchen , painting, electrician & plumber all on site Monday together with Peter & John for final bits and pieces.

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